The proposal is made by Madeiran doctor Laura Faria, who has already shared it with other doctors and some regional officials. This way, it will already be known to the highest governmental authorities in Madeira and today it is a theme highlighted in the printed edition of JM.

Upon arrival in Madeira, all passengers, residents and non-residents, were obliged to be directed to one of the many hotels that are now almost without guests.

This would be the most effective way to circumvent the breaches of the quarantine or social isolation to which those who return or visit the Autonomous Region of Madeira are obliged.

The mandatory routing to hotels of arriving passengers will, in a first analysis, have a number of advantages: it would exempt relatives of returning residents from being, also, quarantined or socially isolated, being able to continue their daily routines; foreign or continental visitors would be guaranteed conditions to collect and continue their vacation.

The other great advantage is that the Madeiran economy, in general, could continue to function. The entire Madeiran society would be safeguarded against the fears that took over the families.

All because, as is easily verifiable, there are immense cases of non-compliance with quarantine or social isolation, despite the grotesque irresponsibility that these situations represent for public health.

First is to make a survey of all hotels that are currently without customers and decree that they will be hotels destined to quarantine.

“All people who arrive in Madeira stay in hotels for 14 days, in total social isolation. The price per day negotiated will be paid by the Government to all residents; non-residents who want to come to Madeira will have to bear these costs. After 14 days, they can go to their homes and maintain care. ”

Doctor Laura Faria is convinced that, in the way she suggests, “we will be sure that the quarantine is being fulfilled”, and in two weeks, “we will know effectively whether or not there is COVID in Madeira without a doubt that we may have lost control quarantines. ”

The young doctor is confident that the population would feel protected even if positive cases arise, because “these will not have contaminated others, so the main risk does not arise.”

From Jornal Madeira