Euthanasia in Portugal Approved

This afternoon, deputies in the Assembly of the Republic approved the decriminalisation of euthanasia in Portugal.

PS project with 127 in favor, 10 abstentions and 86 against.

BE project with 124 in favor, 14 abstentions and 85 against.

The PAN project had 121 votes in favor, 16 abstentions and 86 against.

The ENP project received 114 in favor, 23 abstentions and 86 votes against.

Finally, the IL project had 114 votes in favor, 24 abstentions and 85 against.

The debate on the five bills to decriminalise medically assisted death in the Assembly of the Republic lasted two hours and 44 minutes.

Madeiran votes

It should be noted that the three PSD-Madeira deputies, Sara Madruga da Costa, Sérgio Marques and Paulo Neves, voted against the five projects.

In PS-Madeira, Carlos Pereira was absent, just as DIÁRIO had already advanced. Olavo Câmara voted in favor and Marta Freitas abstained.