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Madeiran businessman Dário Silva, responsible for the Café do Teatro Group, confirmed that all traders in downtown Funchal are being warned “by ARAE and PSP that it is forbidden to sell alcoholic beverages”. And they were also told that the establishments have an order to close at 9 pm.

“We’ve already reduced them and now you can’t sell alcohol!?! What are these measures for?!? This has some logic when the Airport is OPEN and hundreds of people always enter !!! If it is to close the whole trade, say and we are the first to close!?! I need to GUARANTEE payments of expenses and Employees … HOW DO WE DO? ”, Vented Dário Silva on his Facebook.

These measures follow on from what was decreed by the Government of the Republic as ways of preventing Covid-19

Seems all a bit of a mess at the monent, and no one seems to know what needs to be done. I’m guessing this is bar areas with outside space.

From Diário Notícias

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