The Regional Government of the Autonomous Region of Madeira presented this Wednesday, March 11, new preventive measures to contain the pandemic Covid-19, which include restrictions on the organization of events. These measures make it impossible to carry out MIUT – Madeira Island Ultra-Trail 2020 on April 25, as initially planned.

In view of this impossibility, the MIUT Organizing Committee met with due urgency to decide on the annulment or cancellation of the event.

After thorough consideration of the pros and cons of each option, this Committee decided to cancel this year’s edition of MIUT.

“In the 12 years of existence of the event, this was, without a doubt, the most difficult decision to make. However, we are convinced that it is the most appropriate given that it is the event that most people bring to Madeira during the period in question. We are talking about almost 2,500 foreign athletes (more than 1,600 from abroad), almost all of them accompanied and from all over the world, including countries where Cofid-19 has reached more serious proportions ”, reads a press release organization sent to newsrooms.

Once this decision was made to cancel this year’s edition, participants are given the possibility to choose between two options:

– Defer registration for MIUT 2021, scheduled for April 17 of next year;
– Cancel the registration for the event, with a refund of 45% of the amount paid at the time of registration in this year’s edition.

The procedures for deferring or canceling the registration will be sent via email to each of the participants, as soon as possible.

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