Fall of rocks smashes the foot of a foreign citizen who traveled between Queimadas and Caldeirão Verde

This afternoon, a couple of foreigners residing in Madeira were caught by the fall of rocks when making the pedestrian route between Queimadas and Caldeirão Verde, in Santana. One of the rocks ended up hitting the lady’s lower limb, causing partial crushing of the foot.

The Santana Voluntary Firefighters, through the Mountain Rescue Team, were mobilized to provide the rescue, which was eventually carried out via a path through Vale da Lapa, in the parish of Ilha, as it is the closest access to the road in relation to place of occurrence – about 1 hour walk from Queimadas.

The victim, a middle-aged citizen, had to be transported on a stretcher to the ambulance that awaited her in Vale da Lapa, and from here promptly referred to the emergency room at the Central Hospital of Funchal.

The Forestry Police also ended up intervening, especially alerting the many hikers who were on the trail, to the risk of falling stones.

From Diário Notícias