Police interrupt mass at Porto da Cruz church

The police were called this morning to the church of Porto da Cruz, where the Sunday mass was held ‘behind closed doors’, but to be transmitted by loudspeakers to the outside. The police authority reportedly received a complaint “that the church was full”, the priest, João Mendonça, told DIÁRIO. Inside the temple, “there were only six people,” says the priest. The choir five members that “animated” the religious celebration. “They were all identified” by the PSP, who arrived at the site as the mass was ending.

Also in Campanário, some residents woke up today with the mass that this morning echoed throughout the parish through the parish loudspeakers. The celebration raised suspicion that it was going on normally for the community at large, but that was not the case. Here too, the parish priest decided to celebrate Mass behind closed doors, with only one person in the organ and a few ‘singers’.

It is recalled that the Diocese of Funchal itself determined, on the 13th of March, “the suspension of the community celebration of the Masses”, following the communiqué issued by the Portuguese Episcopal Conference, in line with the indications of the Government and health authorities . Since then, it has been determined “that priests suspend the community celebration of Holy Mass until the current emergency situation is overcome”. Alternatively, the transmission of possible celebratory offers through television, radio and the internet has been suggested.

From Diário Notícias

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