Madeira Regional Government requests three more hotels to quarantine people

The Regional Government decided to request three more hotels to quarantine passengers arriving on the island of Madeira, through the airport. 

The DIÁRIO had access to a document from Quinta Vigia, which confirms the information and reveals that the Hotel D. Pedro, in Machico, Vila Galé, in Santa Cruz, and Quinta do Sol, in Funchal, are the ones chosen.

These hotels join the part of Resort Quinta do Lorde, in Caniçal, and Praia Dourada in Porto Santo.

One of the requested hotels, Quinta do Sol, has already registered a case of coronavirus in a Dutch tourist, who were staying there.

The requisition of the three hotels must be directly related to the measures that Miguel Albuquerque will announce this afternoon, in a press conference scheduled for 6 pm, by videoconference.

From Diário Notícias