Dog trapped for 3 days is rescued

The dog that was buried for 3 days in the rubble of the collapse that happened last Saturday, house in Caminho do Ribeiro da Ponte da Laranjeira, in the Vitória area, has already been rescued and sent to a veterinary clinic to receive due care.

Through a post on social media, the commander of the Sapadores do Funchal Fire Department clarified that the rescue did not take place earlier for “security reasons”.

“Regarding the rescue of the canid that was blocked in an air pocket in the area of ​​mass movement (known as landslide) we did not carry out the operation beforehand because there was a need for a technical assessment of the conditions of the place, in order to avoid the possibility of harm to the rescue team. It was also necessary to correctly plan and execute the clearance maneuvers”.

In the same publication, José Minas thanks “the women and men of the 2nd section of the CBSF and the Municipal Civil Protection Service for the work carried out successfully”, he stressed.

From Diário Notícias

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