Porto Santo demands urgent and harsh measures from the Regional Government due to the new coronavirus

Aware of the specificities of Porto Santo, the containment and the capacity to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Porto Santo City Council requires the Regional Government to take urgent and harsh measures, which definitely safeguard that which is the best interest to protect , that is, human life and public health.

The municipality also informs that, on this date, an urgent meeting of the Municipal Commission for Civil Protection of Porto Santo took place, where several questions and concerns were raised by the members of this committee and, thus, mandated the acting Mayor. , urgently requires the Regional Government of Madeira, to promote by taking extraordinary, urgent and urgent measures, especially with regard to maritime transport, Lobo Marinho, according to the content below:

1- Any person, resident or not, student or not, returning by plane from the Portuguese mainland, or from any other destination, landing at Madeira CR7 airport, must be in mandatory quarantine on the island of Madeira, declared at the airport, at similarity to the remaining passengers, being able to return only by sea transport in Porto Santo, only and only once this quarantine ends;

2- Workers from companies that are working in Porto Santo, and who habitually make weekend trips to Madeira and Mainland, should take into account that, if they make the trip, they will not be able to return or, if they return , must comply with mandatory quarantine;

3 – Residents should only travel to Madeira in urgent and urgent cases, however, all those who travel by boat must remain in mandatory quarantine;

4 – Lobo Marinho should operate mostly with cargo transportation, so we estimate that no more than three trips per week are required, which is required.

Today there are 78 passengers on the maritime route Funchal – Porto Santo, who are not residents or have no justification, should not be allowed to board, and to our knowledge come foreigners, students and others, who then end up not complying with the order of the Health Authority. We are aware that every day people have entered Porto Santo who are not only not residents, but have not even come to work.

For this purpose, it states that it is necessary to reinforce the control at the exit of the CR7 airport and the entrance of the Lobo Marinho ship, either by health authorities or by the Maritime Police, so that they are also informed and declared the mandatory compliance with quarantine. , and therefore calls for the immediate application of exceptional measures.

Stresses that public health depends on everyone’s efforts to contain the Covid-19 pandemic.

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