Positive case detected at Quinta do Lorde

A positive case was detected in the 84 coronavirus tests carried out since yesterday to those who are under mandatory quarantine in Quinta do Lorde, the daily official source of the regional government of Madeira guarantees.

According to the same source, 49 of the 141 passengers disembarked at Madeira airport who had been staying at the Caniçal hotel since yesterday are already at home. At 2:30 pm today there were only 92 guests and it is likely that by the end of the day there will be more departures.

Within the scope of the declared state of emergency in the country and measures to prevent and combat the epidemic caused by the covid-19 infection, the Regional Government imposed restrictive measures at Madeira Cristiano Ronaldo Airport, such as quarantine for all passengers disembarked there for a period 14 days, in order to deter travel to the Region.

“A measure that proves to be right”, the Madeiran government understands, because in the screening already done it was possible to identify a case that in other circumstances might not have been detected in time.

From DN

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