President of the Regional Government of Madeira appeals: “Stay in your homes”

This is the appeal of the President of the Regional Government reinforced shortly after confirming the existence of the first positive case of Covid-19 in Madeira. “We call on the Madeirans and Porto-Santenses to remain in their homes, making trips only to purchase food, buy medicines and support elderly citizens or those in need of care, as well as work trips”.

Miguel Albuquerque, speaking at the official residence of the Presidency of the Government, at Quinta Vigia, appealed to the Madeirans, who returned to the territory, to scrupulously comply with the quarantine, “since the lives and health of other citizens are at stake, including family members ”.

After confirming the existence of the first case of Covid-19, the President of the Government said that his executive “will continue to take all measures to contain this epidemic in Madeira and to safeguard the lives and health of families”.

Albuquerque said that there will be new communication with the embassies to reaffirm “the mandatory need to proceed with the repatriation of their fellow citizens, who still remain in the Region, as soon as possible”.

At the same time, as the Diario has already reported in the online edition, the Government, which met this morning, determined “the end of all tourist entertainment and recreation activities in the Autonomous Region, as of this moment, such as excursions, tours, guided tours, rent-a-car or otherwise ”.

At the same time, it was determined “the strengthening of measures to restrict the entry of citizens in shopping centres, markets and other public spaces, in order to avoid the concentration of people and physical contact between them”.

Before these calls and the disclosure of new measures, Albuquerque revealed that the positive case of covid-19 was registered yesterday, at 10:14 pm.

“The positive case was detected in a Dutch citizen, who entered the territory on March 12 (Thursday), and, last night, the health and civil protection services took all necessary measures to isolate and prevent the unit hotel where she was present, after the respective responsible persons were informed of the decision ”.

Miguel Albuquerque called for all citizens to maintain “civic awareness” in their behaviour, “in the face of yet another great challenge”, that they face.

“I thank you all for understanding these restrictive measures, I reiterate our trust in Health and Civil Protection professionals and reaffirm our strong determination to do everything to protect the lives of Madeirans and Porto-Santenses, applying all necessary measures to the effect.”

From DN

If you know of anybody who is not respecting the quarantine measures, and who arrived in the region after midnight on Saturday 14th of March, I have pinned the numbers at the top of the blog to call the local authorities. All persons who entered after midnight on this date must stay in isolation in their room for 14 days.