Blog Stability and Figures

I’m having a few issues with the blog from the back end when trying to post today, If any of you have problems with the blog loading refresh the page and see if it loads the second time. Any problems please let me know.

Overal the blog has been very reliable and has stayed online over the last very busy 4 days.

Over the last 4 days Friday to Monday the blog has seen 425,567.00 page views which is incredible, and 802 comments, I read all comments and try to answer some if they need an answer, and many other readers have also been very helpful in answering your questions.

I pray the blog will stay online, my hosting company know that I an getting an extreme amount of traffic and doing all they can to keep it running.

If you want to help support the blog you can do so with the options below.

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I am also working my way through all your emails, so please if I don’t get back to you with 24 hours, please just resend as I could easily have missed one or deleted by mistake, but I will reply.

Thanks once again for making my blog where it is today.