Rainy and windy day causes some constraints at Madeira Airport

Due to the bad weather conditions that were felt near Madeira Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport, some flights faced constraints on arrival in Madeira this Thursday. Especially between late morning and early afternoon, some aircraft were forced to divert the first attempt to approach the Madeiran runway, sometimes with reduced visibility due to showers and where the wind also blew up to 67 km/h.

Impediments that fortunately proved to be momentary, not implying that flights caught by adverse weather conditions had to divert to other airports, and the aircraft in question landed, shortly afterwards. At least two flights, both operated by TUI and coming from Germany, one coming from Cologne, the other originating in Berlin, were forced to ‘extra time’ upon arrival in Madeira.

It is recalled that this Thursday the IPMA had forecast showers and increased intensity of the wind “with gusts of the order of 80 km / h in the eastern and western extremities of Madeira and mountainous regions” as a result of the “cold frontal surface approach and passage , in dissipation.

Up to 16 hours the wind had registered a gust of up to 72 km / h at Ponta de São Lourenço. As for precipitation, the mountainous regions and the North coast have had a wet Thursday, with Santana standing out, with 34.6 mm recorded until mid-afternoon, which resulted in two records with yellow warning parameter (13.2 mm / 1h and 33.6 mm / 6h).

From Diário Notícias

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