State of Emergency about to be Declared?

The Prime Minister has just confirmed his favourable opinion on the State of Emergency.

“Democracy will not be suspended,” he said, guaranteeing that society will remain open and citizens will remain free, being responsible for themselves and others.

“The declaration cannot take responsibility for the remarkable civility that the Portuguese have given,” he said.

The chain of essential goods will continue.

Tomorrow, the Council of Ministers will consider the measures to be taken, if the Assembly of the Republic approves the declaration today. If approved, it takes effect immediately.

In a democratic society, it is essential that governments continue to act, according to the guidelines of science.

The contents of the decree will be presented today by the President of the Republic. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa will speak to the country at 20:00.

If the decree is approved by the Assembly of the Republic, the Government of the Republic will comply, implementing “adjusted and proportional” measures.

António Costa again insisted that the pandemic will last “months”, so it is necessary that essential goods continue to be produced, distributed and traded.

The head of government said it is important that the country does not stop.

From JM

We will not know what all this means for us until Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa speaks tonight at 8pm. I have no idea what it will mean, and as soon as its made clear then I will put it up on the blog. 

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