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A Brazilian citizen residing in Madeira was recently detained in a supermarket in Funchal for failing to comply with the quarantine.

According to Jornal Madeira, the woman arrived in Madeira on Sunday and did not respect the quarantine she was subject to. A person of her acquaintance spotted the woman shopping at a supermarket and informed PSP, who picked up the woman shortly after. An eyewitness also confirmed to the newspaper that the woman was saying in that space that she had arrived from Brazil and that there was no need to be quarantined. 

The PSP promptly went to the scene and identified the woman, confirming that the name was on those people who must be quarantined.
Two PSP vehicles were on site and took all the necessary steps to facilitate the operation, facilitating a mask for the woman to wear while being approached. The woman was transported and the procedures continue with information to the health authority.

A police source confirmed to JM that steps were taken at a supermarket in the Centro Comercial Anadia, to a foreign citizen resident in Madeira, but avoided confirming whether any disobedience lawsuit will be opened.

From JM