Beaches in Madeira closed until September

This has really made me mad and think it’s unbelievable, is there something they are not telling us on the island.?????

Madeira’s beaches are expected to be closed until mid-September due to the pandemic of covid-19 disease. The confirmation was forwarded to the DIÁRIO by the Mayor of Funchal, Miguel Silva Gouveia, after requesting clarification on a circular sent yesterday by IASaúde to all regional municipalities.

Following this note from IASaúde – which informs that events with crowds of people will have to be cancelled or postponed until 90 working days after the end of the state of emergency – the presidents of the various regional municipalities requested a meeting with the Madeira Health Authority to several clarifications.

And some mayors, such as those from Calheta, Ponta do Sol and Funchal – Carlos Teles, Célia Pessegueiro and Miguel Silva Gouveia, respectively – questioned whether these guidelines apply to beaches since they are places where many people gather and, “If there is no change”, explained Miguel Silva Gouveia, the indications are the ban.

These issues arose at a time when the beaches were being regularised, both sand and pebble beaches, in order to be prepared for the bathing season. If the orders are for closing, these jobs will not be carried out, as it would be an unnecessary expense.

The possibility was raised of allowing the opening of some bathing complexes with limited entrances, to safeguard the required social distance, but this possibility has not been closed. Especially because it will not be possible to carry out on all beaches since not all of them have entry control and their size would require complex logistics.

As the state of emergency should be extended until 2 May and the indication is to postpone situations that bring together masses of people up to 90 working days after that state, the beaches should open in September: “In the case of Funchal, it ends on 11 September [ because of the city holiday] ”, said the Mayor of Funchal

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