The Volunteer Firefighters of Câmara de Lobos used some materials to make an improvised rainbow, to which they added a message of hope. “Everything will be fine”, it can be read.

Since we publicly thank you for the collaboration, realization, idealization of this beautiful message in order to travel all over the world …

Arco – Íris means strength, courage, harmony, energy, hope, eternity, transparency, infinity, discipline and spirituality, being the connecting elements of all living beings that live on earth.

We must put aside our differences and unite towards a common goal, which is to overcome this serious situation that travels the world, we must do it together, with serenity, confidence, determination, effort, solidarity and energy, namely to all frontline forces and professionals.

We are all working towards the same goal, we will win this war, and we will become stronger, in a society, in solidarity and more united.

We do not always feel able to face and overcome certain and determined obstacles in our life, but we want to move on to the entire universe as much as possible.

Each day in our life is an incredible opportunity to overcome obstacles or to do better than yesterday.

When we allow ourselves to develop and create our own possibilities, everything happens in a way where every moment that would seem simple becomes an achievement to consider and count as well. Therefore, let us face with confidence, with more positive energies and happiness, everything will be a passage “, can be read in the publication on the corporation’s Facebook page.

From JM