Yesterday afternoon, a team from the Corps of Nature Watchers, in an action that counted on the collaboration of the Maritime Police, seized the proceeds of illegal fishing activity, carried out within the limits of the Garajau Partial Nature Reserve.

All seized fish was transported to the services of the Regional Fisheries Directorate, and it was confirmed that it was in good condition for consumption. After this assessment, the proceeds of this seizure were handed over to a social solidarity institution in Funchal.

The Garajau Partial Nature Reserve is located east of Funchal. It has an extension of approximately six miles and has the limits of Ponta do Lazareto, to the west, and Ponta da Oliveira, to the east. The protected area extends between the line of the high tide and the bathymetric of 50m to the south or, in case of doubt, never before 600m from the coast. Among other prohibitions, this partial nature reserve is prohibited: the exercise of any fishing, commercial or sports activities; spearfishing; the use of any type of network; navigation with a motorized vessel.

The administrative order will follow the respective procedural steps.

From JM

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