Covid-19 Summary

The two new cases of covid-19 infected in Madeira both completed a mandatory quarantine period after their arrival in Madeira.

The information was provided this afternoon, at the press conference to assess the new coronavirus, which was attended by the regional secretary for Health and Civil Protection, Pedro Ramos, and the vice president of IASaúde, Bruna Gouveia.

The two new cases, which increased the total in the Region to 53 infected, are of individuals who have returned from abroad. One is from the United Kingdom, resident in Santa Cruz and aged between 50 and 59 years. He returned to Madeira on the 19th of March and showed symptoms that were associated with his health history. However, on the 14th day, given the persistence of symptoms, he was tested and found positive, continuing his isolation at home.

The other infected is aged between 20 and 29 years old, is a resident of Câmara de Lobos and returned from Mozambique on the 29th of March. infected.

At the press conference, Bruna Gouveia also mentioned that the patient admitted to the Intensive Care Unit dedicated to covid-19 is “in critical condition”, although “stable”.

On the other hand, the same two recovered from the disease remain, while 51 remain with the active infection – 36 in isolation at home and the remaining 15 in hotels.

Today, two patients, both from the municipality of Porto Santo, underwent a reassessment of their condition, presenting a first negative result. Its reassessment is expected later this week.

Bruna Gouveia said that during yesterday there were 65 screenings, 35 of which at SESARAM and the remaining 30 at hotel units. The only positive test of this total was that of the citizen returned from Mozambique.

Altogether, 1,131 tests have already been carried out in the SESARAM laboratory.

Regarding contacts, there are currently 242 people under active surveillance, with only one being a health professional. This group has 125 people in hotel units. 262 people are in self-surveillance.

According to the vice president of IASaúde, 18 health professionals were tested during this period in a hospital setting, without any positive result. The only positive result among health professionals was that of a health professional who was infected on a trip to the continent, therefore outside the hospital environment in the Region.

It was also reported that a total of 33 homeless individuals were tested for covid-19, all with a negative result.

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