Operation ‘Easter at Home’ ordered the return of 2,596 vehicles and detained two citizens in Madeira

The Police of Public Security (PSP) carried out, between the 9th and 13th of April, the operation ‘Easter at Home’, having ordered the duty to return 2,596 vehicles and detained two people in Madeira.

This operation aimed to “control road traffic with the specific purpose of conditioning and restricting the mobility of citizens to the minimum, in the context of the state of emergency and the prevention of the current public health crisis motivated by the pandemic covid-19”.

The Madeira Regional Command engaged an average of 290 policemen  and 87 vehicles each day which carried out 535 inspection and awareness-raising operations. In total, 75,507 vehicles were inspected, of which 2,596 were ordered to return to their homes, since they had no reason to move or intended to leave the municipality without justification.

In total, 10,651 citizens were inspected  and 2 were arrested: one for non-compliance with mandatory confinement and another for driving with a seized vehicle.

Finally, 31 victims of domestic violence were monitored.

“This Police Command takes the opportunity to inform that the aforementioned operation took place within the normal limits, noting that in general the drivers who traveled between the different municipalities presented a plausible justification for this purpose, with the approximately 3% of drivers who they did not provide documentary valid reasons for such trips, they returned to the residence  voluntarily, with no need for coercive measures by this Police ”, he concludes.

From Diário Notícias

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