Lino Santos, is a Madeiran emigrant in the United Kingdom, born in Calheta and president of the Portuguese Association of Crawley. As he tells Jornal Madeira, he came to England looking for “a better life in June 2001” and is in Crawley, the city where Gatwick Airport is located.

According to the Madeiran emigrant, “the community here in Crawley is 80% Madeiran, I am completely in contact with the Madeirans and in this area we have no one infected with the virus”.

Lino Santos tells us that “due to the proximity of the airport, the majority of the Madeiran community in Crawley works at the airport”. Still, a large part of that community is “coming home”. The emigrant says that “everyone is, but as the government adopted the measure of paying 80% of the salary, I don’t feel that they are in a panic”.

On a personal level, the emigrant tells us that “I am also a little apprehensive” about this whole situation and that he will “go home in lay-off on the 21st of this month”.

From JM