Autarch argues that everyone who arrives in Porto Santo will have to comply with that isolation, disagreeing with the announcement that civil construction professionals are exempt from this requirement. And it requires rectification.

Idalino Vasconcelos disagrees with what was announced by Pedro ramos, at this afternoon’s IASaúde company conference, and demands that in full state of emergency, mandatory quarantine be fulfilled for anyone traveling in Lobo Marinho towards Porto Santo, where he is president of the local authority.

From the press conference came the information that the construction sector constitutes an exception in the quarantine on arrival at the golden island and it is in this particular that the Mayor of Porto Santo disagrees. And it requires rectification.

Using social networks, Idalino Vasconcelos wrote that “all sanitary conditions must be met when leaving Funchal or entering Porto Santo, articulating with the various Health delegates all the information, so that all passengers can travel in full health. This guarantee must be given to the Municipality of Porto Santo and therefore, we cannot take unnecessary risks ”.

The mayor recalls that “the population of Porto Santo has been complying with and respecting the determinations of the Health Authorities and the Regional Government, so this condition is essential to guarantee the safety of our island”, disagreeing with the exemption from quarantine compliance for professionals of civil construction.

Totally agrea, the rules are for all or none.