Madeira has a new case of covid-19 after 3 days without new infections

Madeira has one more new case of infection by covid-19 than in the last 3 days (which did not register any new case), rising to 86 the total number of people with coronavirus infection.

Madeira has some cases of asymptomatic patients who tested positive for covid-19, revealed the vice president of IASaúde in today’s press conference.

“Regarding positive cases, we have already had situations in which people were asymptomatic”, revealed Bruna Gouveia, adding that these cases were detected “in situations of screening in hotel units and when dealing with early contacts to positive cases ”.

Bruna Gouveia clarified that “being asymptomatic does not mean that the patient does not develop symptoms, we have to see the evolution of the disease”. However, she reinforces, “in most of our situations, what happened is that people have been developing symptoms”.