PSD Machico says that “it is not the time to use public money for celebrations”

PSD / Machico disagrees with the celebrations program that the City Council, led by Ricardo Franco, organized to mark, in a “symbolic” way, the 46th anniversary of the 25th of April.

“A celebration that has nothing symbolic about it, given that they intend to place a luminous sign throughout Machico Bay, floral arrangements, a panel alluding to the 46th anniversary and the sound diffusion of music in a vehicle to tour the city”, argues the President of the Municipality of PSD / Machico, Norberto Maciel, for whom these activities, in addition to involving some costs, should be avoided in this pandemic phase, not least because they contradict” the principle of staying at home.

Totally agree, a total waste of money.

I also read that Funchal will have fireworks tonight to mark the eve if 25th April, and the public buildings in the municipal Square with all be lit up with graphics and lazers.

The Jornal Madeira has been offline all day to day with technical difficulties, and is still off line, so a bit of a lack of news today.

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