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Incidence Charts Madeira and Portugal

Thanks again to Dietmar Weiß for the latest charts.

Below again my most recent diagrams for Madeira and for Portugal, based on the SESARAM and DGS official websites.
The fourth wave of Covid has severely hit Portugal and Madeira, as it has done amongst large parts of Europe again.
Luckily, the incidence rates are (still) less elevated as in many other European countries, but the rapid increase in regions like the Algarve shows that “exponential growth” can turn within days from a theoretical description into a dangerous reality.
Different from the last summer, Madeira has taken an early incline in incidence values compared to the other Portuguese regions, and an end of the incline may be still a couple of days ahead of us, even if the last day’s values may indicate a slightly reduced speed of this incline.
Still, the infections in the city of Funchal dominate the Covid figures on Madeira, but the more rural counties have been quickly closing up this time. Covid-19 on our island is not any more a purely “Funchal” issue any more!
So, we have to stay really cautious in our social contacts in the coming days, wearing our mask wherever appropriate, obeying the new testing rules and hope for an improvement to come in December. Whoever can access his booster vaccination is clearly well advised to take it soon!
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