Contrary to what has been reported, MadeiraShopping’s Management points out that “none of the security team members” of the shopping center “is affected by Covid-19”. However, it confirms that there was a positive case of a member of a shopkeeper’s surveillance, but all “the safety and disinfection measures required by the regional public health authorities” have been taken.

In response to JM’s questions, the Administration states that “only one of our tenants informed us that a case of infection by Covid-19 disease was identified among the guards of his store”. Those responsible guarantee that they are following “the development of the situation with the shopkeeper who, in turn, is in articulation with the regional public health members”. The shopkeeper has implemented all “the safety and disinfection measures required by the regional public health authorities and is monitoring the health of all its employees, having so far not registered any other situation”.

The Administration makes it clear that the shopping center is complying, in conjunction with the health authorities, with the entire contingency and security plan for its visitors and customers. “The Center remains open, with the stores and services considered essential by the Government operating. Any changes, and always in accordance with the recommendations of official entities, will be duly communicated”.

The main priority of the “Center is to guarantee the safety of visitors, employees and tenants, alongside that of the assets. To this end, we are implementing our Pandemic Response Plan and ensuring in the Centers strict compliance with the prevention measures recommended by official authorities “.

From JM