Covid-19 Summary Taking Place From 4th May

This is another summary I have been sent from yesterday afternoon’s meeting.

Extract of Press Conference of President Miguel Albuquerque – answering questions put to him by the press. For general information only and not to be used for any other purposes. For all official information consult the Government site

The ban on travelling out of Municipal Districts continues in force from 1 to the 3 May.

The future state of Calamity gives the health authorities in Madeira the responsibility of deciding how to proceed with the re-opening of commercial activities. The state of calamity will be instated by the national government.

Each new set of measures to re instate commercial activities will be assessed on a weekly basis before implementing he next phase. Statistics from the health authorities will be a deciding factor in these assessments.

Rules and regulations for commercial establishments

1. Only a third of the capacity of people allowed in any space
2. Operating hours will be the same as they were before the lockdown.
3. Gathering of people not permitted
4. Businesses have a strict code of measures that need to be applied and these will be heavily monitored. Employers must take the employees temperatures in the morning and in before they leave and call the authorities if they find anyone with a raised temperature.

Rules and regulations for people visiting these facilities.

1. Traveling by car only strictly when there is a good reason to such as sopping for essentials or other essential activities like banking and other commercial activities
2. Masks are now mandatory for service providers and the public who are in the establishments
3. Social distancing at all times to be maintained
4. No visits to homes for the aged.

1. HAIRDRESSERS. No gathering of clients in or near the building. Appointments need to be duly monitored, full protective garb to be used by the hair dresser. All surfaces and equipment is to be disinfected after each client leaves.
2. BARS, RESTAURANTS and GYMS will NOT open this week
3. AIRPORT and TRAVEL: To remain with the same conditions and people who arrive need to stay in a hotel for 2 weeks. So much is happening in the world of air travel and the EU is still discussing all the aspects of this sector. A letter was sent by the president, to Portugal for tests to be done in the country of origin before people arrive in Madeira. Emirates have innovative test that test travellers 10 minutes before boarding but Europe does not have that facility yet. If a person has a house in Madeira and wants to avoid the quarantine in a hotel, they may get tested 72 hours or less before the flight and obtain a certificate. This will allow them to do the quarantine in their own homes. These certificates need to be issued from an approved laboratory.

4. SHOPPING CENTRES will have guards at the doors and the parking area and designated doors for entry and exit. 1 person per 25 m squared will be allowed in the centre, signs for the rules, equipment for disinfecting, bars and restaurants will not open but only take away outlets will open

5. SWIMMING in the see is on the cards for this summer but pools and spas will take some time.
6. BEACHES, MARINAS AND RECREATION centres remain closed for now
7. RALLY Vinho Madeira: delayed for now
8. RELIGIOUS MEETINGS: Meetings have taken place with the local Bishop and measures are being discussed. If all goes well this week then this may be allowed next Friday.

9. CRECHES AND DAY CARE CENTRES – hoping to open in June
10. HOTELS FOR LOCAL HOLIDAY MAKERS. Plans are being drawn up and hoping this summer will see some opening for the holiday makes from Funchal to go the interior. More information will be given by Dr Ramos in the press conference.
11. SCHOOLS not to open until end of term but depending what happened at this stage no information.
12. FOOTBALL -in the hands of the health authorities in the region because they are responsible for the safety. All sports will open at once not one at a time at a later phase of the process,
13. Busses will continue to operate with the same restrictions but will operate at 50 % capacity and the wearing of masks are mandatory.

Elsie D.M. Rodrigues Teixeira

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