Forests closed 34 leisure areas and 50 fire pits

If for some reason it crossed your mind today to leave home and head to the mountains a huge tradition on May 1st, and enjoying the sunny day for a delicious picnic or a tasty barbecue, in one of the many leisure areas that the Region has, it is better to stop everything and return to home before being approached by the Forest Police.

In order to avoid gatherings at this time of pandemic crisis, the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation has sealed in the last hours “34 leisure areas in the mountains of Madeira and Porto Santo that involve more than 50 barbecue stoves”.

The information was provided a few moments ago by the Regional Secretariat for the Environment and Natural Resources, which also took the opportunity to say that Montado do Pereiro, a social area that gathers dozens of Madeirans on this date, is closed.

From DN