IFCN warns not to disturb seal ‘Pontinhos’ that has been visiting Funchal bay

The Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation (IFCN) used social media to raise attention that the fur seal named ‘Pontinhos’ continues to relax in the port, marina and mouth of the Funchal streams. Although the seal is used to close contact with people, it should not be disturbed.

“This individual has, since last year, given the air of his grace in places like the port of Caniçal and the port, marina and mouth of the streams of Funchal, places he chooses to stay for hours, literally, sleeping totally indifferent to human activity. It is not normal behaviour in these animals so it draws attention ”, assumes the IFCN.

However, this animal is already referenced and is known to interact with divers being used to the presence of Man and “apparently has no problem”. However, the authorities are monitoring his condition to confirm that he is not injured or ill.

“However, for those who cross paths with ‘Pontinhos’, remember that it is important not to disturb and give space for him to rest in peacefully”, he asks.

The sighting of seals in the Region is not uncommon. In fact, the ‘Pontinhos’ will be the same individual that was detected swimming in the marina of Funchal, on the 29th of April, as DIÁRIO reported on that date .

It should be remembered that the monk seal is the rarest seal in the world, so much so that it has already deserved several conservation plans for the species, which the Region intends to continue to preserve.