The one question I have been asked the most, when will the Levadas open….? 

The spaces in the forest area, the recommended walking routes, the farms and the public gardens of Madeira will reopen on Monday, May 11, announced today the chief executive, indicating that the practice of various sports is also authorized.

“All of these spaces, activities and equipment will be reopened to the public, through the adoption of strict measures of social distance, health security, use of equipment and protective masks for users and employees when appropriate, frequent actions for cleaning and sanitizing the spaces “, clarified Miguel Albuquerque.

The President of the Government of Madeira, from the PSD / CDS-PP coalition, was speaking at a press video conference in Funchal, in which new measures of deconfiguration were announced, in areas such as restaurants, beaches and religious worship, taking into account the evolution of the pandemic. of covid-19 in the archipelago, with only 90 cases registered and 51 patients already recovered. 

Miguel Albuquerque stressed that recreational sports activities in forest areas, such as mountain biking, canyoning, abseiling, hang gliding, and other individual sports practiced outdoors, including triathlon, open water swimming, cycling, motorcycling, along with others are now authorized.

“In sports infrastructures where some of these modalities will be practiced, disinfection dynamics, individual protection of workers, rules of social distance, closure of spas, mandatory closure of collective living spaces, mandatory closure of bars, restaurants or cafes must be reinforced”  said Miguel Albuquerque.

The chief executive also clarified that the Madeira Botanical Garden, Quinta do Imperador, the Madeira Theme Park, the Garajau Garden and the Water Park will remain closed until further evaluation.

The same decision applies to playgrounds, which will remain closed for reasons of health security.

Despite the opening of the forest spaces to the public, camps will not be allowed until further evaluation and, on the other hand, in places where there are spas or leisure areas, these will remain closed.

The Regional Government also authorized the owners of recreational vessels with registration issued in the Autonomous Region of Madeira to sail from May 15, only in the maritime waters of the archipelago, and the navigation of boats related to maritime-tourist activities and sports practice.

“Recreational vessels authorized to sail may anchor, but may not use the facilities of any port, pier or marina, for mooring, other than the departure point”, reinforced Miguel Albuquerque.

The regional executive decreed, on the other hand, the reopening, as of May 12, of the gymnasiums, through “strict measures” of social distancing, safety and hygiene, among which the use of each space to 1/3 of its capacity and the prohibition of group classes or with more than two people, including the physical trainer, inside.

“Group classes are allowed outside and outdoors, with the rule that one person should be out of space for every five square meters,” said Miguel Albuquerque, stressing that the spas and pools will remain closed.

From Jornal Madeira

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