Madeira restaurants and bars start to operate at their normal hours by decision of the Government

The Regional Authority for Economic Activities (AREA) informs that the Government of Madeira has clarified that the restaurants, beverages and similar establishments start to operate at their normal hours. This is yet another measure in the scope of the deflation.

It is the confirmation of the news that DIÁRIO published this Sunday in the print edition.

ARAE explains that the Government published in JORAM, 1st Series, no. 98, Resolution no. 351/2020, of 23 May, which came to amend no. 6 of regulation VII and clarify regulation III, of Resolution no. 326/2020, of 14 May, which defines additional measures of deflation as a result of the positive evolution that the Region has been achieving in combating the pandemic of COVID-19.

“In this sense, it has been clarified, with the nature of an interpretative norm, that, regarding the lack of definition of the restaurant sector, contained in reg. III of Resolution 326/2020, of May 14, the opening hours applicable to establishments that choose to reopen will be what results from the licenses issued by the competent administrative entities, in the exact terms that existed before the publication of Order 101/2020, published in the JORAM II series, no. 52, of 14 March, ”says ARAE.

“Now, this means that restaurants, beverages and similar establishments will operate during their normal hours”, he stresses.

You can consult the publication here .

It should be noted that the rules and guidelines on the return to the classroom regime of teaching and training activities were also published and establishes rules on the practice of physical and sports activities.

Many places still won’t ope, as they rely on tourism, which is still a long way off from coming, but we hope by July this will start with maybe 30-40%, and I don’t believe we will see much more than that through the rest of the year.

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