The Left Bloc calls on the Regional Government to postpone return to school in order to contain the pandemic.

“Schools are already prepared for distance learning and may well adopt this channel for the first weeks of January, says Luísa Santos, from the Regional Commission of BE-Madeira, in a press release.

“It is not squares drawn on the floor that will prevent contagion, nor the blame for individual behavior. It is impossible to control socialisation in this festive season. The first weeks of the year with classes from home, will serve to contain the outbreaks of infection ”, warns the leader, also reminding that“ many teachers and students who have travelled, will have to remain in isolation waiting for the second test ”. In this way, “they will be able to participate in teaching activities. The University of Madeira has already suggested this to some of its students ”.

Luísa Santos also recalls that “there is already a record of the new strain in Madeira, much more contagious and health professionals in the region are getting exhausted, they have to respond to the pandemic and to non-Covid patients. It is necessary to take firm steps to control the pandemic and at this moment only the distance is effective ”.

Finally, BE-Madeira “congratulates and thanks the efforts of all those who have helped in the fight against Covid-19 and in minimizing the economic crisis and salutes the science that today allows the start of vaccination for our health professionals”.

From Jornal Madeira

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