Summary from today’s press conference

Thank to Daniel Caires for this summery which is a translate from his Facebook Page.

Today’s press conference by the President of the Regional Government – Dr. Miguel Albuquerque – Friday, May 8 – 1:00 pm.

– Continuation of the gradual reopening of the Madeiran economy.

ATTENTION that all activities listed below will have to comply with the contingency plans defined for each area.
The activities not mentioned, remain unchanged. Assessments are made weekly by the health authorities of Madeira and also by the Regional Government of Madeira.

Dr. Miguel Albuquerque – “Contagious situations can arise at any time and in an unexpected way. We cannot take wrong steps that compromise the work done. We must avoid euphoria and relaxation in behaviors. The battle is not won and the virus covid19 is not eradicated in RAM. ”

> Churches: Catholic churches and other places of worship will reopen tomorrow. However, only one third of the capacity of the place of worship will be admitted, maintaining the recommended social distance. Disinfection of hands, mandatory use of a mask and disinfection after religious acts in all areas are mandatory. Processions, he said, are forbidden, as was agreed with the Diocese of Funchal.

> Gymnasiums: Gymnasiums may also reopen (on 12 May), as long as they limit access to the space to one third of their capacity and prohibit group classes with more than 2 people inside (including the physical trainer). Outside and outdoors, group classes will be allowed as long as they comply with the rule of distance for one person per 5m2. They will also have to have the changing areas closed. Only users duly equipped for the purpose may attend the gym, and there can be no change of clothes under any circumstances, inside the gyms. They cannot be more than an hour in the gym to ensure the rotation between users. There must be a separate entrance and exit area to access the gym and disinfection of all devices is mandatory after each use.

> Porto Santo: In Porto Santo, the beach is reopened from Sunday. However, social distance will be mandatory and clusters will not be allowed. And the mandatory quarantine on that island will be in effect until May 18. But, a reopening that extends only to internal displacements (between Madeira and Porto Santo and vice versa).

> Sports practice: From May 11th, a series of individual sports will be allowed, although always maintaining social distance, such as sport and recreational fishing, surfing, stand up paddle, paragliding, Athletics, Open water swimming, bodyboarding, canoeing, cycling, speed skating, orienteering, paddle tennis, triathlon, sailing, underwater photography activities, golf, underwater fishing activities, pigeon racing, skyrunning, modern pentathlon, motor racing, and shooting with hunting weapons. The practice will oblige the facilities to do: closing of changing rooms, closing of social spaces, created disinfection dynamics, closing of bars and related cafes, among others. Health authorities will have to approve the plans for each association / space / facility.

> Public forest spaces & Sports activities – reopened on May 11, through the adoption of strict measures of social distancing, health security, use of masks by users and employees, current cleaning actions, hygiene of spaces and other measures.
Included are: MTB modalities, cannonying, abseiling, asadelta and others. Recommended walking routes (levadas).
The use of the following gardens, farms and spaces will also be allowed, such as: quinta do santo da serra, garden of madeleines, garden of amparo, garden of santa luzia and quinta magnolia.

> Gardens – Some gardens that will remain closed: Madeira Botanical Garden, Quinta do Emperor in Monte Madeira Theme Park in Santana, Water Park in Santa Cruz,. Playgrounds and respective leisure areas, in all these spaces will remain closed.

> Leisure areas in forest areas will remain closed until further evaluation. Lidos closed and camps not allowed.

> Bars and restaurants – If the situation is favorable, the opening of restaurants, cafes and bars on 18 May is expected. The operating conditions will be agreed by the various entities and will be announced on the next Thursday 14th of May.
(Clarification: The difficulties of businessmen in the restaurant business in resuming activity have been notorious, with many understanding that they are unable to reopen.
Albuquerque clarifies that there is no obligation to return to the activity. “If they understand that they should continue in lay-off, they can continue”, he says, offering yet another possibility, which goes through “partial lay-off”.
“The reopening is not an imposition by the Government, it is the possibility for entrepreneurs to determine what they should do in their business”, he stressed.)

> Driving schools – Situation will be analyzed next Thursday, May 14th.

> Museums, galleries, cultural centers, libraries and archives – Reopening on May 14, Thursday. The use of masks is mandatory for all employees, employees, visitors. Alcohol gel for everyone, 1 meter spacing in the case of a waiting list, suspended educational services. They will be installed

> Beaches and access to the sea in Madeira – As for the beaches, to reopen on May 15th. However, on the 14th, the safety and distance rules for the use of these bathing complexes will be announced by the regional government of Madeira.

> Pleasure craft with registration issued by the institutions of Madeira – as of May 15, owners of recreational boats registered in Madeira, can sail in the waters of the RAM, but the navigation of vessels related to sport fishing and tourist activity is still prohibited. Recreational vessels may not use facilities in ports, piers or marinas other than that of departure.

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