A suspicious case identified at Madeira Airport

According to the daily bulletin of IASaúde, in the context of passenger screening implemented at Madeira Airport this Saturday, a suspicious case that is under study was identified. The user remains in confinement in a dedicated hotel and laboratory analysis and epidemiological investigation are ongoing. Thus, 91 confirmed and accounted for cases of covid-19 remain in the Region to date, of which 89 are recovered cases. The two active cases remain in a hotel, without the need for hospital care.

In total, 1,035 people are accompanied by the health authorities of the various municipalities in the region, 477 people are under active surveillance and 558 are under self-surveillance. Until yesterday, a total of 1,545 notifications of suspected cases of covid-19 accounted for in Madeira remained, of which, 1,454 were not confirmed.