Are Easyjet and British Airways cancelling all flights.?

I picked up on this a bit this morning, and it seems something very strange is going on, with flights from the UK.

EasyJet blocked off all flights for July showing fully booked, from this morning.

Later this afternoon British Airways has done exactly the same, no flights available for July, showing fully booked.

One of my readers has posted this in the comments.

We were due to fly to Madeira 12 June but only had a cancellation email on Friday and only then were able to apply for a refund. Before that they try and tempt you to change to a later date or accept a voucher with a little bonus. June had shown all flights full for a long time which in effect meant they were cancelled. July is now showing all flights full which I’m afraid means cancelled. They just won’t let you apply for a refund until about a week before.  They then tell you it will take at least 28 days to process. I expect it will be longer. So disappointed not to be able to come next week but we certainly will be returning to our favourite place.

Some people have already received messages to say their flight is cancelled for July, from both Easyjet and BA.

Could this be something to do with the UK quarantine? although this at the moment is only set for 3 weeks from the 8th June so will be finished at the beginning of July, unless they decide to extend it for another 3 weeks.

Are they getting your money, filling some seats, with the possibility they will or won’t fly, just to keep themselves afloat before more free movement is allowed around Europe?

Or is it something to do with the rules and regulations in Madeira that is putting them off from flying here at the monent?

Let’s hope we get some answers soon, and have some idea as to what is going on.

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