Building of the old Hiper Sá in Santa Cruz in the final stage of public auction

The property where the old Hiper Sá de Santa Cruz was located, located in a central area of ​​that city on the east side of Madeira, is on public auction until Tuesday, with a starting bid price of 555 thousand euros. The sale follows the insolvency process of the proprietary company, ‘SLA-Construções & Imobiliarias Lda’, whose partners were Avelino Catanho Ribeiro, José Severiano da Silva and Avelino Leça.

It should be remembered that Hiper Sá de Santa Cruz was the only one in the Sá chain that, with the fall of the Madeiran group in 2013, did not transition to the Continente chain (Sonae brand), precisely because of landlord debt problems.

From DN

It will be nice to see this place reopened and busy again, Santa Cruz has become much nicer over the last few years, with many nice places to eat and drink, and they hold some of the best festivals on the island. Also will be nice to see the new Boutique Hotel on the front open again after the owners left without notice, well over a year ago now.

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