‘Habeas corpus’ “calls into question all safety standards” in Madeira, says Albuquerque

Following the news this Monday that a Madeira citizen who arrived in Madeira on Sunday refuses to comply with quarantine in a hotel and delivered a request for ‘habeas corpus’ to the Criminal Investigation Court of the Funchal Court , the President of the Regional Government of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque, said today that he still has no official knowledge of a request for ‘habeas corpus’, due to mandatory confinement in a hotel.

Still, through a publication on the official Facebook page of the Regional Government, the governor says that “if there is and if the decision is similar to that taken by the Azores Court (which considered the measure unconstitutional), it will be extremely complicated, because it puts in causes all safety standards towards the Autonomous Region of Madeira ”.

“We would all be much more vulnerable, not only the population of Madeira and Porto Santo, but above all the people who travel, because they will enter without control, and their families. If that decision were to happen, it would be a regression to Madeira in terms of prophylactic norms and protection of Public Health for our population ”, adds the official, quoted by the GR.

It should be recalled that a request was filed and was distributed today, “the judge [of criminal instruction] constitutionally has a maximum period of eight days to rule,” judge Paulo Barreto told Lusa, without giving further details.

Thursday there will be more measures of deflation.

In the same note on the GR’s official Facebook page, Miguel Albuquerque says that Thursday more decontrol measures will be announced, covering more activities.

The president of the Regional Government announced that, next Thursday, there will be more measures of deflation in other areas of activity, which will be released shortly after the Government council.

Miguel Albuquerque, who was speaking on the sidelines of his visit this Monday morning, to nurseries in the Region, which resumed their operations today, admits that the reopening of other activities is being considered.

About the organization of the events, he says that this is an area that is still being considered. “There are situations that have to be viewed very carefully, in terms of distance, in terms of affluence, in terms of preserving hygiene rules”.

The governor recalls that “these are decisions that often have to go into detail, as happened with daycare centers”. “These are very laborious decisions, they must all be regulated and in line with the rules of the Public Health Authority and this implies a very exhaustive work”, he added.

However, he said he hoped that more activities could be implemented, “without delay and without major celebrations”

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