As announced by the Regional Secretary for Equipment and Infrastructures, through the Regional Directorate of Roads, the Tunnel of Tabua, which is currently undergoing work with a view to total repair, reopened this afternoon, June 6, to traffic , although in a restricted way.

It is recalled that the Tunnel of Tabua was damaged after a fall of rocks occurred on the 21st of January, which caused damage to the reinforced concrete structure that served to protect the road, leading to the rupture to the top of the tunnel . The sanitation of the slope followed, causing the fall of rock masses that were unstable, removal of blocks that were deposited on the protection structure, replacement of damaged light fixtures and placement of a metal structure for temporary protection. The full repair operation of the structure was resumed two weeks ago, after the completion of the manufacture of the mold and metal structure to support the execution of the necessary works.

The Regional Secretary for Equipment and Infrastructures, Pedro Fino, thanked VIAEXPRESSO, SA “for the speed and responsibility with which they carried out this first phase of the work, so that the tunnel would reopen after two weeks, as initially announced, precisely at a time in which the activities and phase of the work permit “. Thus, as of today, a lane is guaranteed for light vehicles in the circulation of the Tabua tunnel.

The work being carried out by VIAEXPRESSO, SA includes the removal of the temporary protection structure, and repair, with the removal of damaged parts, replacement and reinforcement of reinforcements, preparation and assembly of the mold and its concreting.

The intervention is duly signposted, so the aforementioned secretary therefore asks users for the necessary understanding and scrupulous compliance with the signs and indications that are given in that area.

From Jornal Madeira

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