The PortoBay group is reopening the first five hotels on the island of Madeira. In this reopening, the group presents a special campaign so that residents in Madeira and Porto Santo can enjoy their “summer trips on the island”.

The PortoBay group is preparing to reopen some of its hotels in Funchal: Les Suites at The Cliff Bay, The Cliff Bay, Eden Mar, Porto Mare and The Residence. And this summer, residents on the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo are invited to put themselves in tourists’ “slippers”.

Hotels reopen with reduced capacity, providing more space on hotel terraces, solariums and gardens, ensuring that Hygiene and Safety measures are strictly complied with, under the ‘Together We Care’ protocol, already with the ‘Clean and Safe’ seal ‘and with the preparation of the certification by the international SGS.

The group also states that “Reservations made until July 20, for stays between July 10 and August 31, have very special prices, starting at 99 euros per room per day”.


Madeira maintains a total of 92 cases of covid-19, with 90 recovered and only two assets, the Institute of Health Administration (IASAÚDE) said today, revealing that 957 tests have been carried out at airports in the region since Wednesday.

“The remaining passengers had [negative] tests carried out in the last 72 hours”, explained Bruna Gouveia, vice president of IASAÚDE, in the videoconference, in Funchal.

The operation of screening travellers at the airports of Madeira and Porto Santo started on July 1, following a resolution of the Regional Government, of PSD / CDS-PP coalition, which imposes the obligation for passengers to submit a negative test carried out until 72 hours before the start of the trip, or else on arrival.

On Thursday, a suspicious case was identified, as part of this operation, which is under study by the health authorities, and the traveller is confined to a residence in the municipality of Funchal.

“After three months, we are still not ‘covid free’, we still have the two active cases imported”, said the regional secretary of Health, Pedro Ramos, in the same videoconference, stressing that the strategy adopted by the executive aims defend public health and protect the regional economy, but “it is not infallible”.

“We must continue to test and we must continue to follow all those who arrive in our region,” he said.

The two active cases of covid-19 in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, one resident in the municipality of Funchal, another in the municipality of Santa Cruz, east of the island, remain in isolation in a hotel and do not require hospital care.

Currently, 2,171 people are being monitored by the archipelago’s health authorities, 340 of whom are under active surveillance.

In Portugal, 1,587 people died of the 42,782 confirmed to be infected, according to the most recent bulletin from the Directorate-General for Health.

The covid-19 pandemic has already claimed more than 521,000 deaths and infected more than 10.88 million people in 196 countries and territories, according to a report by the French agency AFP.


The President of the Regional Government is pleased with the UK’s decision to accept the tourist corridor between UK and Madeira. He says it is confirmation that the Region’s strategy was the right one and speaks of working together.

Miguel Albuquerque was today satisfied with the United Kingdom’s consent to direct flights between England and Madeira, starting on July 4th. In practice, that country included the Region (and also the Azores) in a list of countries / regions to which it is safe to travel, something it did not do with Mainland Portugal.

The President of the Regional Government was speaking, recently, on the sidelines of a visit he made to a livestock farm in São Vicente. And he was happy with the decision of London, because “one of the main markets in Madeira is the United Kingdom and it is essential for the Region to have this tourist corridor assured”.

However, the decision is still “confirmation that Madeira’s strategy was correct”. “The strategy of testing at the entrance and the control we do in terms of Public Health was the most appropriate”, he added.

The Madeiran leader said that the decision also results “from the set of steps that were made by us, the Region, together with the ambassadors, both the United Kingdom in Portugal and Portugal in the United Kingdom”.

Miguel Albuquerque is also keen to “thank the diligences that were made by Turismo de Portugal, by the Secretary of State and also by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs”.

“It was a joint effort and, given the situation of control of the pandemic we have in the Region and the importance of Tourism for our Economy, namely the United Kingdom’s issuing market, it is excellent news for Madeira and a situation that comes to the fore. meeting what we intend “, said Miguel Albuqerque this afternoon.

The Madeiran leader also announced that “there is, on the part of the two main UK operators, a job to start operations as soon as possible” and called on the Madeirans to comply with all security procedures.

“It is good that people are concerned because it is a sign that they will continue to adopt preventive and prophylactic measures, namely detachment, wearing a mask, hygiene standards, which are fundamental. We are still in a pandemic situation. , all over the world and in Europe in particular “, he warned.

Stressing that it is important to continue not to flag in an arc, the minister reiterated that the Region has “a solution that makes opening the borders to tourists compatible with the control of the pandemic and above all with the possibility of preventing uncontrollable chains of contagion”.

“But, at this moment, I am convinced that if we continue to act with these precautions and above all with the mobile application that we have, for monitoring the situations, we are able to gradually proceed with the tourist recovery in Madeira”, he concluded.

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Injured Monk Seal is being followed by the IFCN, which calls for the animal not to be disturbed

The IFCN asks everyone to collaborate so that the animal is not disturbed because rest is crucial for its recovery. The population is also asked to contact the Rede Sos Vida Selvagem (contacts on the IFCN website) if they have any contact with the animal.

Since the 1st of July, IFCN has been accompanying a sea wolf that is injured and very weak. The first alert was made through the Rede SOS Vida Selvagem, coordinated by this institute, and included a first intervention with the collaboration of GNR.

Pontinhos, this is the name of this animal that is part of the animals catalogued and identified by the Madeira Monk Seal Conservation Program, has a wound on a fin that makes it impossible for it to feed itself according to its needs. Against this backdrop, the existing protocols were activated, namely the establishment of contacts with the international network of experts in the field. IFCN technicians are currently coordinating the intervention with other world specialists, who at the moment recommend that the animal should be medicated with antibiotics, preferably orally. Obviously, because it is a wild animal, which can be quite aggressive, this administration can only be carried out indirectly, through the provision of food.

Apparently, it is a wound caused naturally, possibly by some predator, so there is no possibility of any criminal activity associated with this situation.

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