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Thanks to Amanda Thornsby for sending me this warning for you all below.

Can you Please put a warning on the blog about Calheta Marina parking.
Along side the recently surfaced cliffs – back of Marina, vehicles parking on the cliff edge are getting ticketed by the police, they say they are parking on yellow lines but the road has been resurfaced in parts and you cannot see these lines.
Seems Only At weekends though but an expensive outing to the Marina/ beach !
I think 30 euro fixed penalty!!


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Thanks to Graham Hewitt who sent me his experience of arriving to Madeira yesterday evening.

Our flight was with the excellent Jet2, a great airline with caring, friendly staff. The plane was less than a quarter full. No-one was coughing, sneezing etc and everyone wore a mask except for when eating or drinking. We felt safe throughout the flight.
We had already registered our details, before travelling, at the Madeirasafe website, thanks to the link you posted in your blog or at Patreon. On arrival at the Madeira Airport we quickly went through border control and collected our luggage. We were then directed to staff with ipads, who were very efficient and quick to help. Due to our pre-registration we were through, in minutes, to the people carrying out the testing process.
There was a line of booths where tests were carried out so we only had to wait about 5 minutes before being directed to the booth with a lady who carried out the test. The test was not painful but slightly uncomfortable. We were then told we would receive the results in 6-12 hours. We would receive an email advising us of the results. We could also login to the online registration using our personal code to find the results.
I have to say that the whole setup at the airport is a credit to Madeira. From the plane landing to exiting the airport with our luggage, virus test completed, took only 45 minutes. All the staff were efficient and friendly and spoke perfect English. Anyone concerned about the process need have no worries.
We arrived at out apartment about 9pm and when we woke up the next morning we had already received our test results which, I am pleased to say were negative. I think the UK government could really learn something from the process in place here. Well done to all concerned.
We are now sitting on our balcony in glorious sunshine, drinking a morning coffee and contemplating a swim in the pool.
Photo, sunrise this morning at Reis Magos as I was doing my exercise.