Covid -19 Update

Thanks again to Daniel Caires for this update.

Today’s balance sheet – Tuesday – August 4th – at 6 pm regarding covid19 in the autonomous region of Madeira

> 1 new positive case to report. Of the situations reported yesterday, another suspected case that was under study was not confirmed.

> There are two new suspected cases of Covid-19 in Madeira – This Tuesday, in the context of the screening activities implemented at Madeira Airport, two more suspicious situations, which are under study, were identified, IASAÚDE announced. Epidemiological investigations and laboratory tests are ongoing.

> In total, the region records 117 confirmed cases of COVID-19, of which 98 are recovered cases and 19 are active cases.

> The 19 active cases consist of 16 imported cases identified in the context of the surveillance activities implemented in the COVID-19 Screening Unit at Madeira Airport and 3 cases of local transmission.

> There are 7,314 people under active surveillance in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

> In total, 16,704 people are being accompanied by the health authorities of the various municipalities in the region, using the ‘MadeiraSafeToDiscover’ application.

> Regarding the total of tests carried out in RAM, the same entity records, in the daily bulletin, that 48,447 samples were processed (until the end of 03/08/2020).

> In the context of the operation of screening travelers at the ports and airports of Madeira and Porto Santo, IASAÚDE reports a cumulative total of 20,315 test carried out at the site (until 17:30 today).

Daniel Caires – 7:10 pm

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