How Many Of You Are Having Flights/Holidays Cancelled?

A number of you have messaged to say you won’t be able to visit the island now as your flight or holiday has been cancelled.

Jet2 seem to have cancelled flights on the 18th and 28th September of what I know, the 28th is from Stansted. Another reader has let me know that Condor have cancelled his flight on September 3rd from Hamburg.

It çlooked like the Island was really starting to pick up, but speaking to people and friends, it seems this month is a little busier due to all the emigrants returning for their summer holiday.

September I thought would be a lot busier, but now that doesn’t seem the case, many people are saying there are hardly any bookings, I heard today that the Dom Pedro Hotel in Garajau will close end September as it’s just not worth keeping it open at the moment, and I feel this is going to be the case for many other places around the island.

Having been to the airport a number of times over these last 4 weeks, it’s evident that there is a new kind of tourist coming to the island. Younger tourists, the flights are full of younger people visiting the island, many for the first time, as they have heard its a safe place to visit. Families with children also, where we hardly ever see this kind of tourism due to the lack of sandy beaches on the island.

I have spoken to many some visitors, and its really surprising the amount that are also here for a longer stay and working remotely, which is great, and this could well be a new thing for Madeira, many more people are now able to work from home since Covid-19, and that means they can work remotely, and Madeira with is fantastic internet speeds is the perfect place for this.

If you are having your holiday or flights cancelled leave a comment below, let us know the airline, the date and from where you should have been flying from.

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