Jet 2 returns to the region.

Today was the day that marked the resumption of the operation of the British airline Jet2, which returned to fly to Madeira.

“It is an extremely important operation for us, it is the largest English operator that operates to Madeira and that, on Monday, will bring here a wide range of flights that will transport hundreds of people to Madeira”, says Eduardo Jesus.

The regional secretary for Tourism and Culture notes that “despite the restrictions that England still places on the return of passengers to the United Kingdom, the truth is that Jet2 managed to motivate a wide range of tourists who, nevertheless, believing in the safe destination that the Madeira represents, they prefer to come here for holidays even if they have to be quarantined on their return “.

This month the number off weekly flights to Madeira increases from 60 to 140, which is great news for the region.

Taken from Jornal Madeira

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