Madeira Covid-19 Update

Thanks to Daniel Caires for this information.

Today’s balance sheet – Sunday August 2nd at 6 pm regarding covid19 in the autonomous region of Madeira

3 new positive cases for covid19 in RAM, to be reported. In the case of three tourists belonging to a group from Switzerland, in which one of the elements tested positive on arrival, in the last week. These three tourists have remained in isolation and under surveillance by the health authorities since their arrival in the Region, and today the positive result for covid-19 has been confirmed.

There is still a report of 1 recovered case, namely, an imported case that remained in isolation in a dedicated hotel unit.

This Sunday, seven more situations were identified and are being studied by health authorities. These are seven travelers identified in the context of surveillance activities implemented at the Covid-19 Testing Unit at Madeira Airport. Epidemiological investigations and laboratory analyzes are ongoing.

In total, the region records 111 confirmed cases of COVID-19, of which 98 are recovered cases and 13 are active cases. The 13 active cases consist of 10 imported cases identified in the context of the surveillance activities implemented in the COVID-19 Testing Unit at Madeira Airport and 3 cases of local transmission. Two people are in isolation in their temporary home and 9 are in isolation at a dedicated hotel, including the cases confirmed today.

Daniel Caires – 19h48

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