Poland lifted restrictions on passengers on direct flights from Portugal, a note from the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MNE) indicates today.

“Poland removed Portugal from the list of countries for which it maintains direct flight restrictions, thus joining Greece, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Malta, Romania, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and Cyprus in the total survey or partial restrictions on mobility of passengers from Portugal ”, reads the statement.

“The facts corroborate the recognition of the transparency of the information provided by our country regarding the evolution of the epidemiological situation, as well as the evidence of the response capacity of our National Health Service, which at no time failed to guarantee follow-up to people infected with Covid- 19 ”, the note adds.

The Palácio das Necessidades also defends that it represents the recognition of the “positive evolution of the epidemiological situation in Portugal”, especially in the “ability to test on a large scale,“ detect ”positive cases,“ control ”the transmission and“ treat them as most appropriate ”.

From Jornal Madeira

Now we just need the UK to do the same.