A hotel in Porto Santo is prepared to accommodate positive cases of covid-19 that need isolation, Pedro Ramos said today, on the sidelines of a working visit.

Asked to comment on the situation on the golden island, in which three new cases have already been identified, the Regional Secretary of Health began by reminding that “the pandemic has been asserted by the Regional Government in an assertive way, we have taken bold, pioneering measures to anticipation, for a situation that aims to protect all the population in terms of public health in Madeira and Porto Santo “.

Pedro Ramos stressed that the Region has no active community transmission and that the existing transmission chains are “perfectly identified”.

“When we started a new phase of fighting the pandemic, when we opened our borders, on July 1, we were concerned about this new contact, which was necessary, because our economy depends on it, with all those who would travel to Wood from situations with active transmission “, he added.

About the present moment in Porto Santo reveals confidence in the work that is being developed by the health delegate, Rogério Correia, and his team. Referring to the tourist who will have triggered this situation, he acknowledged that he would not have valued the symptoms admitting that this could happen to many people.

The person responsible for the health sector in the Region took advantage of the moment to reinforce the appeal to the population for the use of the mask, as an essential protection element in the current context, of the arrival of travelers. He also appealed for other preventive measures such as social detachment and hand hygiene.

According to Rogério Correia a further 6 people were tested today and the results will be known tomorrow, if none of these test positive then the investigation will be concluded.

From Jornal Madeira

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