Vandalism in Porto Santo


The well-known businessman Dário Silva, of the Café do Teatro group, defended at the end of the afternoon yesterday the sending of a team of the Brigade of Rapid Intervention (BIR) of the PSP to Porto Santo.

Dário, responsible for several nightlife establishments in Madeira and Porto Santo, turned to social media where he shared the news from JM about the vandalism and left the challenge to the authorities.

“This gets to the point that it has no limits !!!”, he writes. And he adds: “Several chairs and tables have been left on the terraces, traffic signs broken, bins smashed etc. Everything breaks and and nobody does anything ??? ”, he asks.

After the alert, the challenge to the police authorities, namely the Public Security Police: “We want and demand BIR in Porto Santo!  They are the only one in order to control what is happening ”. 

Today what is happening in Porto Santo has been the subject of several news reports in the JM. First with the outburst of the City Council itself, in which the executive Idalino Vasconcelos lamented acts of destruction and realized the need for police intervention. Then with the regional command of the PSP giving some explanations and sharing responsibilities. Later, with businessman Luís Bettencourt suggesting other activities for young people in Porto Santo.

From Jornal Madeira

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