The End of Marina do Lugar de Baixo

The contract was signed on the 18th for the renaturalisation of the west side of the Lugar de Baixo Marina, a procedure that is already in place to allow the announced transformation of that seafront into a beach area for the enjoyment of the population.

The intervention was handed over to RIM – Engenharia e Construções for 254,000 euros (plus VAT). The execution period is 90 days.

Controversial since its construction and inauguration in October 2004, it took many years, more than one hundred million euros spent on construction, security and repairs, and announced and unfulfilled solutions before the Social Democratic Executive took over the Marina of Lugar de Baixo as an error.

It happened this year with the announcement of the re-naturalization of the area. The signing of the contract with RIM and the start of work this week is the beginning of the end of what remains of the marina and the long-awaited opening of the space, which has long been closed and degraded.

Initially scheduled to start in April, the demolition and cleaning works that will create the necessary conditions for safe access to the sea took a little longer due to procedural issues related to the public tender and budget allocation.

Once the work is completed, the name will also change, with the Marina of Lugar de Baixo becoming the West Zone of Lugar de Baixo.

Not all of the area will be returned to public use at this stage, as announced during the presentation of the project, on the 21st of March. A security perimeter will be created next to the escarpment due to falling rocks. In addition to this area that will not be available, the building next to the escarpment, the pool and the field will also remain as they are.

In addition to ensuring safe access to the sea, with the removal of iron and cement piles and structures, an area built for a solarium and pebble beach will be created.

The tender for this work was launched on the 21st of March for 261,820 euros plus VAT, with the sole award criterion being price.