Tropical storm Paulette woke up again, hits Azores and heads for Madeira

After weakening, it reappeared with intensity between tropical depression and category 1 hurricane. It took thunderstorms to the Azores and it is heading for Madeira. It must dissipate, but it is difficult to define the route.

It entered Bermuda as a Category 1 hurricane, left Category 2, and after leaving hundreds of thousands of people without power, Paulette seemed to dissipate in the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It was once considered a post-tropical storm but woke up again in the morning from Monday to Tuesday with maximum winds of 95 kilometers per hour.

To the Observer, the Aztic Anticyclone page – which tracks the weather forecast in the nine Azorean islands – explained that “in terms of intensity, [Paulette] is between a tropical depression and a category 1 hurricane” . After having caused thunderstorms on the island of Santa Maria, Paulette is now heading to Madeira.

The predictions are that it will weaken and lose its tropical characteristics even before reaching it, but “since it is a small tropical system, it is always difficult to define an exact route ” for the storm. “Everything indicates that it will be quiet, but it is necessary to keep vigilance to really confirm if it will be so”.

From Observado PT