Can it get any worse?

So England are going into lockdown again starting Thursday the 5th November till Wednesday 2nd December.

I couldn’t listen to Boris rattle on, it seemed to go on forever, but the main thing is how is this going to affect you? All those on the island at the monent or were planing to come to the island, will probably have to change plans in the next few days.

I guess we will start seeing UK flights cancelled as international flights only for work, NOT holidays are allowed.

UK at the moment the biggest market for Madeira, and now it looks like it has all gone again.

If you are on the island are you going to look to get home in the next few days before Thursday.?

Will you decide to stay on the island for an extended holiday and ride out the lockdown.?

If you start to get flight cancellations share them in my comments below.

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